Terms & conditions

Last edited on May 2017

Scope & Terms of contract

These terms and conditions apply to every work confirmed by Byteful GmbH (hereinafter referred to as “Byteful”) and the customer in written form (letter or email). These terms may be adjusted on a pro-project basis and will be then specified in the quote document provided by Byteful GmbH. 

Project start and completion 

Byteful will first provide a temporary quote: the prices mentioned in this quote are estimates based on comparable projects and experience. After the workshop, Byteful will then submit a more accurate quotation.

Byteful commits itself to the careful completion of projects agrees not to misuse or disclose any confidential information that may be made available by the client. Byteful reserves the right to employ third parties to fulfill the contract and to sell code from the project to other customers.



Unless otherwise agreed, an advance payment of 25% of the total costs is required and due before the start of the project. The remaining costs will be billed to the customer after completion of the project.

Additional services

The quote and final offer are based on problem-free completion. Additional services, which may not have been defined in the initial offer, such as training, additional functionalities, etc., will be charged additionally on a rate of CHF 150 per hour.

Additional expenses

Expenses for additional costs (payment of stock images, printing, translations, etc.) shall be reimbursed by the customer. All content is provided by the client, unless otherwise indicated or agreed upon.


Any bugs will be fixed free-of-charge up to 6 months after the project has been approved (as soon as the customer has access to the website/app). Afterwards the work will be billed with a rate of CHF 150 per hour.

Disclaimer of liability

Byteful shall be liable for damages resulting from an interruption of the access to the website or app (interruptions or malfunctions) only if the customer can demonstrate gross negligence.

Byteful can not be held responsible or liable for the errors and / or deficiencies of standard software (for example Django CMS). Byteful shall also not be liable for errors in the quality of access to the services due to force majeure events, which are not the responsibility of Byteful, such as a failure of communication networks.

The customer is solely liable for unlawful, incorrect or incomplete content.


Byteful may list work as references on the byteful website, unless the client explicitly request not to do so.